Signs Your Baby is Already a Seahawks Fan

Who doesn’t love the Seattle Seahawks? The guys always put on an exciting game and play their hardest when they step on the field. Even your little bundle of joy may already be a fan of the tam, especially if the little one know that it is your team, too. There are actually some important signs that indicate your baby is already a Seahawks fans. What are the signs that your baby is a fan?

1.    Your baby stares at the TV screen when a Seahawks game comes on. Isn’t it obvious?

2.    When your baby hears a conversation concerning the team, does he or she coo and caa? These are additional signs that your baby is a fan.

3.    When baby likes the color green, it might be because they support the Seahawks.

4.    You can find a ton of infant gear sporting the Seahawks logo, including the great seahawks onesie. It makes your baby happy. We conducted a poll recently and asked.

5.    Your baby is irresistible in their Seahawks getup! A baby that looks oh so cute in their onesies will also look ravishing in a jersey, with some NFL socks, and other items to dress up in.

6.    Does your baby turn his head toward the TV when he hears the announcer say ‘Russell Wilson’? Yes, this is yet another clue.

7.    When baby likes birds and Seahawks, he or she wants the world to know that the Seahawks is the team!

8.    Baby tries to say Seahawks and you know in your heart that’s what you hear. Or, better yet, was his first word Seahawk?

seahawks onesie

So, there you have it: a list of signs that your infant is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks at an early age. It is a moment to be proud and celebrate if you’ve learned your little one is following in your footsteps and has such great taste in sports!